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Reciprocating Molybdenum Wire Cut EDM

Are you a metalworking job shop looking for affordable flexibility?

Whatever you think you can use Wire Cut EDM for, there is much more.
Growing demand for complex geometric shapes and sizes of components in various end-use sectors is spurring the importance of Wire Cut EDM.
With Wire Cut EDM precision machining of complex geometry’s can easily be accomplished with minimal operations.

With in-house Wire Cut EDM you can get control of scheduling and don’t have to deal with the EDM shop’s lead time, so you can quote shorter delivery times.

To be competitive in today’s market it is important to take advantage of every cost-saving procedure available.
Reciprocating Molybdenum Wire Cut EDM is a basic machine concept which precise and productive satisfies metalworking job shops looking for affordable flexibility.

Proline EDM is able to provide different quality and different priced machines to satisfy the individual customer’s requirement
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