Microhole Drill EDM

If You look at drilling a hole with the size of a hair, this is the machine to use

A microhole EDM for precision hole making in the smallest sizes, offering a complimentary process solution to any job shop at an affordable cost.
Application Textile Industry (spinnerets for synthetic fibers), fuel injection nozzles and medical devices and components
Machine Concept Advantages
Ø  Capability  - Can drill hole with diameters  0.08-0.5mm/0.003-0.02 ʺ due to the precise control over power supply and accurate servo motor drives.
Depth/Diameters: 10/1
Ø  Versatility -Our machines drill holes in a wide range of materials, including aluminum, Inconel, steel and stainless steel using water as dielectrics.
Processing of titanium alloy, carbide, and other special materials may need to use oil (kerosene) as the working fluid
Versatility –Ability to produce a variety of special-shaped cross-section holes with round or flat thin wire electrode.
Ø  Easy to use-Unattended operation Full Function DRO features drill depth setting, blind holes, center/edge finding
Ø  Easy to use-G code programming and graphical programming.It possible to set processing of single hole or group holes.
Electrode Diameter mm/in.            0.08-0.5mm/0.003-0.02 ʺ
Hole Depth      mm/in.             1mm-5mm/0.04-0.2 ʺ
Surface Finish µm/ µin.           0.6/24             
Machining Accuracy                ± 0.005mm/± 0.0002 ʺ
  X, Y Travel mm/ʺ
Optional Tilt/Rotary Indexing table increases productivity in many hole drilling applications