Premium Wire EDM

High Part to Part Accuracy and Consistency
Our Premium machines combine robustness and precision when our customers seek high part to part accuracy and consistency throughout production.
Application High precision molds and metal parts
Machine Concept Advantages
Ø  Excellent accuracy due to the high rigidity C type column and T shaped base structure. Thanks to the mechanical design of its base, the weight of the workpiece rests directly on the structure of the machine.
Ø  Highly robust mechanical components that guarantee long-lasting precision.
Ø  Improved surface finish ability to cut several times normally one rough cut and 2 skim cuts
Ø  Easy to install  less than one day
Ø  Ease of use. Achieve optimal result without high levels of operator training. One day is in most cases enough.
Ø  Open code software. The machine parameters are set automatically from the CAD program and can be monitored. It's the key to a machine's productivity.
Ø  Low operational cost you can run 40 h with wire bought for USD 10.
Ø  Easy to maintain with low cost spares. 
Surface finish Ra µm/ µin.              1/40
Position accuracy ±mm/in.             0,004/0.00015
Taper /mm /in.                ±3⁰/100/±3⁰/3.9
Max cutting thickness std. mm/in.        600/23.6
Our Premium offer comes in 2 alternatives P and XP.
   X, Y Travel mm/ʺ