High Speed Mill

Diversify your manufacturing capabilities and reduce unnecessary wastage

A cost effective machine for a job shop that handle precision work. CNC milling machines are capable to reduce unnecessary wastage as compared with the non-CNC machines- which also help you to safeguard your business from unprecedented risks.
Application: Tool and mold making
Efficient milling and engraving of all metals such as tool steel, stainless steel, brass, copper.
Milling and engraving of non-ferrous metals such as ceramics, carbon fiber, graphite
Machine Concept Advantages
Ø  Efficient machining; the machine frame with linear guides and wide configuration makes it a rigid construction for efficient machining
Ø  Long life durability; the combination of quality components from well-known and reputable Japanese and Taiwanese companies and proven technology makes a durable concept
Ø  Ease of operation; newcomers can quickly and easily create programs for frequently used machining processes
Gate Size Width Height           1080x580mm/42.5x22.8ʺ
Spindle Motor                  7.5/11kW/10.6/14.8hp
Spindle Speed                   18 000 rpm
Max Feed Speed              8000mm/min/315ʺ/min        
2 standard sizes
  X,Y,Z Travel mm/ʺ