Machine Concept Advantages
Ø  Capability  - Can drill deephole with diameters  0.15-3mm/0.006-0.12ʺ
Ø  Versatility- Able to drill  small  and deep  holes  on spherical curved and irregular surfaces
Ø  Precision - Creates deep straight holes without burrs
Drilling is done into hardened materials eliminating the chance of size change caused by heat treating. Due to the non-contact process of EDM it produces straight holes. In contrast, conventional deep hole drills tend to drift.
Ø  Low maintenance & low operating cost, use ordinary tap water as dielectric
Ø  Z-axis assembly of precision servo motor
Ø  Automatic pressure relief system
Optional Equipment: CNC control for production of group holes                           
Electrode Diameter mm/in.          0.2-5.0/0.008-0.2
Max cutting thickness std. mm/in.      350/13, 8         
Cutting capacity    mm,in./min             up to 70/2.8
   X, Y Travel mm/ʺ