CNC Machine Tool

Even the best-kept machine reaches a point where performance, through-put, accuracy and quality concerns tip the scale towards purchasing new equipment.
Proline EDM offers very capable entry-level CNC machine tools for metal engraving,high-speed milling and vertical machining that otherwise would be inconceivable for small job shops.
Main features that CNC machines offer, which is not available on non-CNC machines:

  • The consistency of workpieces produced - Since a CNC machine executes a program, and it will do so in exactly the same fashion time and time again, the consistency of workpieces produced is much better than workpieces run on conventional machine tools.
  • Faster workpiece machining -Users can apply the most efficient cutting conditions to attain the best cycle times.
  • The complexityof workpieces to be machined - CNC machines can generate very complex motions, making it possible to machine shapes that cannot be generated (or are extremely difficult to generate) on conventional machine tools.

Flexibility, faster turn-around, and smaller lots - Because they're programmable, a given CNC machine can be used to machine a large variety of different workpieces


Metal Engraving and High-Speed Milling Machine

Metal engraving and high-speed milling is machining done at reduced depths of cut, but at substantially higher feed rates. High spindle speed and fast, light cuts ultimately result in higher material removal rates compared to slower hogging operations.

Vertical Machining Center

Employers find it increasingly difficult to secure the requisite talent to grow their organization and to compete in the global economy. The operators of manual machines have to become real specialists, as these were more difficult to navigate. The CNC machines allow operators to quickly become proficient at machine operations. FANUC, our supplier of CNC control, is providing advanced manufacturing training by offering educational access to the VMC’s control system.