Competitive Machining Solutions for SMART Metalworking Job Shops
Proline EDM is founded by Karin and Rikard Lindstrom, 2 Swedish entrepreneurs that have been
working in China since 2005. We are the only foreign owned company in China that develop, design,
produce and market reciprocating Molybdenum Wire EDM, an economical alternative to brass wire
Karin and Rikard established Proline EDM 2012 as a WFOE (wholly- foreign-owned- enterprise)
in Suzhou China. We were motivated by the knowledge and experienced gained from working at Suzhou Posittec CNC Equipment Co., Ltd  a company we started together with Chinese partners to explore and develop reciprocating Molybdenum Wire EDM. This Wire EDM concept is created in China and Suzhou is the hub for high-end EDM industry with a well-developed supply network.

Karin Lindström  owner
Karin Lindström
M.Sc. KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
30+ years’ experience at Sandvik as process developer, production manager, and site manager.
CEO Cowin Global 2008-2010 Qingdao China.
Karin has worked 30 years at Sandvik,the market leaderforadvanced, products and solutions for metal cutting.
Karin came to China 2005 as site manager for the production of special tools and solid carbide round tools. During her years the site in Langfang outside Beijing became the best production unit within Sandvik:
  •  No.1 in delivery time -reduced the time for special tools with 70 % from design to deliver.
  •  No.1 in delivery security
  •  Supplier of special tools and solid carbide round tools to 22 countries, including Japan.

Rikard Lindström owner
Rikard Lindström
M.Sc. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
An entrepreneur with various business experiences from different fields such as renewable energy resource to property development.
Rikard’s ability to embrace the latest technologies makes him sense and gather opportunities in new and challenging environments.

Wire EDM Designed for Low Cost of Operation and Ease of Use
The reciprocating molybdenum wire EDM concept was developed 40 years ago in Chinese government owned institutes in Suzhou. It’s a basic machine concept with a precise and productive functionality and is designed for low cost of operation.
Suzhou is now the hub for Chinas high-end EDM industry with a well-developed supply network.
We have the benefits of being part of this industrial cluster.
One-Stop-Shop for Metalworking
Proline has expanded its products lines to include:
  • Drill EDM- manual small hole and micro hole EDM
  • Engraving/milling
  • Vertical Machining Center, VMC
These machines are sourced from progressive Chinese suppliers to further boost the value we offer and to make ita possibility to become a one-stop-shop for metalworking.
To ensure the performance we test all of the machines in-house at our facility regarding quality, reliability, and availability.
Our Vision is to be:
A Major Source of Competitive Advantage for Metalworking Job Shops thru Reverse Innovation
The term “reverse” indicates that product innovations no longer solely flow from “West to- East”, as was the dominant case until now but increasingly from “East-to-West”.
Chinese innovations are based on a new value proposition that is adapted to the local market.
Products are characterized as being low-cost providing basic functionality and high quality.
West machine tool builders have missed building low-cost innovation competencies to meet the requirements of the price sensitive customer.
We will continue our work to develop the Molybdenum Wire EDM concept and our pursuit to find the best machine tool builders in China and make their offer available for you
Our years of manufacturing experience in China, from own production to sourcing, allow us to pinpoint what is needed to provide consistent and affordable CNC machine tools. Firms with foreign ownership can have aproblem to find the right supplier. We have been fortunate to team up with local people with extensive experience in the industry. We guarantee true value for your machine tool investment.