Proline-EDM is a leading manufacturer of Wire EDM and Small Hole EDM.
Proline-EDM  is a wholly-foreign-owned-enterprise (WFOE )in China founded 2013 by 2 Swedish entrepreneurs that have been working in China since 2005.
 Proline-EDM’s concept fills the gap between cheap Chinese and expensive high end wire EDM machines such as GF AgieCharmilles or Sodick. These are called slow speed machines.
 Proline-EDM’s machines are known as medium and high speed wire EDM and use a reusable molybdenum wire which reduces the running cost. Slow speed machines use brass wire that is consumed during the process.
The distributor has to understand how the product works and which features and benefits that should be emphasized to customers.
ü  Has knowledge of importing, and selling wire EDM or similar type of products.
ü  Has good communication skills.
ü  Has technical capabilities.
The distributor must have the knowledge to customize the offer to meet the US standards for
ü  Guarantees or warranties
ü  Safety and environmental
The distributor must have the capability to install and service the equipment locally.
 Proline-EDM has the ability to integrate the distributors input to develop and or tailor made machines for the customer’s needs.
Proline-EDM prefers to deal with exclusive dealers in each defined territory.
Metalcutting job shops; SME small and medium enterprises
East North Central and South Atlantic
You can visit Proline-EDM’s website www.proline-edm.com for more information or contact Karin Lindstrom at karin.lindstrom@outlook.com